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Futsal is 5 v 5 soccer played indoors on a hard court or turf. It is a fast paced game with no sidewalls and is recognized as the “Worlds Indoor Game” by FIFA. It is played all over the world, from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Central America and North America.
“Futsal” is derived from the Spanish, “futbol sala”, which means indoor soccer.
Brazilian Mens World Cup superstars such as Pele, Ronaldo, Zico, Bebeto, Socrates and Brazilian Women’s superstars like, Katia. Roseli, Pretinha and Sissi played futsal in their home country before going on to star on the world stage in the World Cup.

Played with a goalie protecting a smaller than outdoor goal and 4 field players, totaling 5 on the field, futsals greatest gifts are teaching the proper time, space and skill needed to excel at the outdoor game. Just look at the style and grace that the Brazilians play with on the outdoor field. FIFA player of the year Ronaldo played futsal until he was 16, and Messi credits futsal as being the teaching force behind his magical play.


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Start playing futsal on the Gold Coast. Gold Coast Futsal operates in varies venues throughout the Gold Coast

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Tournaments and Representative Futsal


Development Pathway

Gold Coast Futsal has an established player development pathway. A players development through futsal is beneficial to develop a skilful and technically complete player. Players like, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar all attribute their skills and development because of futsal.

Gold Coast Futsal pathway starts at club level with leagues throughout the Gold Coast, and in conjunction with the Queensland Futsal League, offers representative tournaments and competitions from State all the way to national and international level.

Tournaments and Representative Futsal